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2 thoughts on “Why Brexit is a feminist issue”

  1. I don’t agree. I think it is an issue of democracy and that affects men and women! You either like the EU as an institution or you would prefer, on balance, not to be in it. Sham democracy, which is what we have in this current Parliamentary system, leads to the Govt ignoring women like the 1950/60s born who are asking for their pensions back. To add 7 years to their retirement age at the last minute is not something they would have done to men of that age with months/years to go.

    We need to get back to representatives who put the people first, not multinational corporations. Brussels bureaucracy is a step backwards. The EU want a United States of Europe with Britain being a cash cow, taking it’s more than fair share of economic migrants, attracted to our welfare state.

    That welfare state will buckle under the strain and our green fields will be concreted over.

    It is already happening. If we are not bound by European rules and don’t have to pay in as we do now, we can get back more accountability for everybody, including women.

    1. Thank you for your comment :). Of course it will effect men as well as women, but as the reports have shown and I cited in my article, it is women who are likely to be disproportionately effected, in the same way that austerity has done so. I very much agree that we need to put the people first, not multi-national corporations, I just don’t think that a party with the likes of JRM and BJ who have deep corporate ties are the ones who are going to do it. The welfare state is buckling under a lack of investment from the government of the last nine years, I think that’s got little to do with Brussels, and most of our Economic migrants come from outside the EU. Also, did you know that EU migrants pay more into the UK system than British citizens ( A lot of what we pay in now, and more, comes back to us in the form of European Investment and subsidies. A lot of our industries and businesses depend on that pot in Brussels, 49% of our trade is with the European bloc. This is also interesting (

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. B

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