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2 thoughts on “NASA’s first all-female spacewalk & women in STEM”

  1. I have so many female friends with young children who are single mothers, and also the sole caregivers for their children. They are highly educated, and pursue their careers – but it does prove a challenge to balance the two. One of these friends is an academic head of department and she observed that the architecture of the current work environment is designed to not cater for the needs of nurturing mothers who are also working women, and I really think this is a good point. She has been told multiple times that her career is over because she is now the mother of a young child – with the notion that progress in an academic career while being a mother is incompatible, and unattainable. I would love to see more female representation everywhere – and I really appreciate the work that you do with this blog :).

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, that’s a really interesting story to hear. As someone who knows a little bit about academia, I am not at all surprised to hear about the lack of support for your friend as a Head of Department. I used to work at a University where the gender pay gap was over 25%, which is simply shocking. Thank you so much for supporting our blog as we get started, and taking the time to comment. 🙂 Bryony

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